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Women's Special EDIT- International Women's Day by -Vinisha Markan

As we become enormously lucky yet again to witness a beautiful sunrise of another #InternationalWomen’sDay, let us all celebrate ourselves through some words instilled with powerful emotions.

Who is a woman?

A “woman” is a connection between all THAT IS. Words and emotions just flow on their own when we have to write about “HER”.

Her struggles are real and she has been fighting for herself and you since forever. And she has been quite successful because that has become the very reason that I am able to write this today.

Because #WOMEN are inspiring each other, #empowering each other to fight against the odds. Let us not deny how hard it is for her to even get some basic #respect, #equality, or be it achieving her #dreams.

However, today one thing has changed. That, she the WOMAN doesn’t stop. She is continuing the #break the stigmas, smashing the #stereotype thinking, raising children by instilling #equality amongst genders in them and much more.

Whether she is a hardworking #homemaker, a small business owner or working as a #professional, she is learning well to overpower the social and emotional #taboos that have been laid by the society. Today, she is demanding the #respect that she deserves and why won’t she? She has been really played with, for ages.

But now, she is #AWAKEN and you know what happens, when SHAKTI is AWAKEN.

It brings in a #revolution, a revolution that is there to stay.

She, the WOMAN is to be celebrated because she is the #SHAKTI.

P.C Pinterest


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