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MrsDeeva, an initiative by Astha, is founded with the sole aim of helping women explore income options while working from home. A lot of married women, new mothers, college students look for income avenues from home as they are unable to to take up full time jobs.


We empower these women and coach them through the complete process of setting up a business from their home. We work closely with them right from the incubation stage of the idea and finalising it depending on their interests and providing professional guidance throughout and seamlessly introducing them to the world of Entrepreneurship. We also coach and offer our expertise to budding women entrepreneurs who wish to improve their business and make it more sustainable, boost its growth and achieve their business objectives by deploying effective marketing strategies in bootstrap budget.


We work on innovative ideas, come up with effective best practices and develop out of the box strategies to improve their business efficiency.

My name is Astha Jain and I am a Startup Entrepreneur and during my entrepreneurial journey I have successfully developed and released two android mobile apps and launched my own video Podcast where I interviewed startup entrepreneurs from various walks of life.

In my season 2 of the podcast I am working towards helping more and more women become financially independent. 

I truly believe that we should follow our heart and do what makes us happy.

About Astha

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