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Are you SCARED of AI- Nilshree Damani Yelulkar

There are so many #reels floating on Instagram that claim to replace our existing sources with the help of AI.

One such tool that is being talked about is the one that writes on a given prompt/word. The #freedom of selecting writing form is with us, we may choose it to be a blog, an essay, an article, or prose.

After watching these reels I felt, it is software, it is going to follow its set #algorithm. There won't be a human touch to those writings, possibly conceptually similar topics may even have the same sentences and language. So will this AI thing take over the writers/authors?

Well, I don't think so! Do you know why? Because, in the end, it is #Artificial Intelligence. Like other trends, it will have a short shelf life. It will make its mark and then there will be a dip! There might even be cases of plagiarism.

Remember: It is Artificial, it may set a trend; It won't remain #classic!

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Note: The opinions stated here is of the author and can differ from yours!

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