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The Bridge between Ur Success & U by Jenil Jariwala. (Part 2)

There is this new belief of doing smart work versus hard work. However, I do not second this belief. Smart work and hard work both go hand in hand. Smart work is being creative, innovative, resourceful and having problem-solving skills handy to deal with the hurdles that come along. Hard work is as much indispensable to be a master of your subject. Do you think Sachin Tendulkar would have been the Master Blaster had he not spent 14 hours each day of his growing years practicing cricket? Pick up any achiever from past or present and do a reality check of the tremendous efforts and toil they have been through.

They may be gifted with some special bent but they still would have put in their heart and blood to achieve all that they did. During my career counselling sessions, I often tell my clients that if they truly wish to achieve great heights in life, it is necessary they pursue their dream for a minimal of 10,000 hours and they will be counted among the maestros of their chosen field. The grinding, the slogging and the donkeywork that they go through in this process will pave their road to triumph. Merely relying on the luck factor to excel in life is having an extremely unrealistic and superstitious approach to living a productive life. It’s debilitating and shall keep you stuck in your fantasies forever.

We live in a world of instant gratification. We want things done at the click of a mouse. We feel high when applauded on social media. But how does the real-world function? Very differently, isn’t it? Nobody to constantly praise and compliment us and more importantly, we do not procure the fruits of our travail instantaneously, right? And then how do we feel? – demotivated, laid back, a loser?

We must train our minds to not look for quick, immediate results. Real world is different. There are no cheer leaders and we have to learn to be our own motivators. A consistent and disciplined approach alongside shall surely be a gigantic step to take you towards your success.

Have you now pondered over which of the above is missing in your checklist to success? Do you intend to assimilate it in your agenda? If you diligently incorporate these, success will be yours.

Remember, “Success doesn’t come to you; you go to it.”

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