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The Bridge between Ur Success & U by Jenil Jariwala, (Part 1)

Do you think that you’re talented and skilled in your field?

Do you think that you are highly knowledgeable and have an edge above the others?

With the knack you have in your work, do you strongly think that you can still reach higher; that your achievements are not at par with your potentials, that there is room for you to be more successful!

Then read on to know what is that missing link between you and success and how can you bridge the gap.

The primary element on your Success Checklist is the clarity of your Goal and your purpose. Are you perceptive about why are you doing what you are doing? What is it that you desire to achieve? It sounds rather basic but my dear readers your goal should be well-defined and detailed. Your final destination needs to be crystal clear, why? Because it is this goal that is going to keep you going. It will be the fuel, the energy and the strength to aid you fight your struggles and obstacles. It will give you the drive and the push to move ahead.

There ought to be a greater purpose to whatever it is that you are doing and this calling should be intrinsic, from the core of your heart. Do not make the mistake of copy pasting somebody else’s dream or saying, “Oh! I only wish to make my parents/ any significant person happy and so I am doing it for them.” Remember, this significant person is essentially crucial in your life but always secondary. You’re the primary and the utmost central character of your life and hence, whatever you do should first and foremost be for you. Goal clarity consequently is by far the first step on your bridge to success.

Next is to develop tolerance towards discomfort. Everything is not going to be perfect and as per your needs and plans at all times and you need not waste your energy by whining about the disharmony experienced. You rather use the energy towards more productive matters, towards being solution oriented. Comfort provides us security and safety.

Your comfort zone is indeed a beautiful place but unfortunately, you cannot achieve anything extraordinary being in that space. That moment when you step out of your comfort zone in itself will be momentous. You’ll have so much new to explore and look forward to. It will provide you new opportunities, help you learn new things about yourself, some innate skillsets may be that you had never thought you possessed and do things you haven’t ever done. The thought of it sounds so exciting, how about trying it out

To Be Continued........

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