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Plant trees but don't forget to enjoy its fruit.. Vinisha

On the account of National Education Day today, just thought to ponder upon an amazing quote by the great Maulana Abul Kalam Azad ji.

“Many people plant trees but few of them get the fruit of it.” -Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Isn’t it true? However, everyone will have a different assessment of this quote. And that’s completely fine of course. We all think differently. I am just sharing my understanding of it.

We all plant trees in our lives mostly ,willingly. But not everyone waters it enough or maybe the right way to get fruits from them. Sometimes even if it doesn’t give sweet fruits, we tend to give up on the tree itself instead of thinking of remedies to make the fruit sweeter.

In a layman language, we all embark on various journeys, and to reap the benefits of that journey, we have to continue to walk. Yes, we can sometimes stumble upon rocks, fall in the mountains of mud, or even lose direction. However, the only thing we ought to remember is, not to stop walking or even crawling towards the destination.

So, don’t forget to get the fruits from your own trees.

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