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Navratri Special Recipe- Kuttu Dosa/Cheela

Navratri is about cleansing, absorbing good energy, and much more. In a way, it marks the beginning of festivals.

Fasting is a ritual that is observed during Navratri. People have different ways of fasting. Some eat fruits, some include grains and vegetables, a few only drink juices, and so on.

People who aren’t fasting also tend to indulge themselves in the most delicious Navratri delicacies. The aroma and the taste are mouthwatering. Well, I am drooling already.

A few Navratri items are surely delicious but heavy on your stomach too. Thus, you cannot stuff yourself. So, what do we do?

I’ll give you a simple example of Singhare ka atta. Now people make tikkis and pooris out of this atta and they become really heavy to digest and the whole purpose of Navratri gets unresolved. The purpose of Navratri is to detox and not to stuff yourself. Having said that, I am not saying don’t enjoy the amazing food but just change the way you consume it.

Here, I am sharing a delightful recipe made from your favorite Singhare ka atta but it’s not going to be heavy on your digestion at all.

Kuttu ke atte ka dosa/cheela


1. 150 gms Kuttu ka aata

2. 1 tsp sendha namak

3. 2 Green chilies, finely chopped

4. 50-100 gms grated cottage cheese/paneer

5. 1-2 tbsp desi ghee

6. ½ teaspoon grated ginger

7. ½ tsp cumin seeds


  • Make a fine batter of Kuttu ka atta, sendha namak, cumin seeds, and green chili.

  • Grease your pan/tawa with some ghee.

  • Pour a little batter on the hot pan/tawa. Now use the back of the ladle and spread it circularly smoothly like a dosa.

  • Toss it to cook the other side too.

  • Now add the grated paneer and ginger.

  • Serve it with saunth ki chutney or coconut chutney

TADA… a healthy recipe is ready!

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