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LUXURIOUS LIFESTYLE ... by Sarika Narula

Had roti with dal & achaar and viewing this beautiful scene from my bedroom window and feeling blessed for this moment and the luxury of having such a view.

Luxury has no limit when you are content with what you have and cherish it as a "luxury".

The other day we went for a buffet dinner and as a matter of habit was observing the things happening around us. And it wasn’t the first time I was observing this and feeling bad about the amount of food getting wasted on each and every table. I couldn’t enjoy my dinner and was thinking aloud about it.

On our table too, we couldn’t finish what we called for from the buffet itself and so we requested one of the crew members to parcel it for us but he was reluctant as it isn’t allowed to parcel anything from the buffet. I requested him and told him that it will get wasted and he replied casually that it happens every day.

In the want of enjoying the luxury, we have become so self-centered that we don’t even pay attention to this act of wrong deed, bad karma of wasting food which is the biggest necessity for the survival of every species.

The food which we buy from the hard-earned money, which is not available to many as they have no money. We don’t even think once and get so much engrossed in the enjoyment of luxurious lifestyle that the food which is getting waste can fill many people’s empty stomach. Many aren’t getting what we are leaving and wasting.

Isn’t this so mean and an act of falsity?

There are many such easily available things, resources for us in the name of luxury which we waste because we have enough money to waste! On the other hand, many people are living in absolute lack.

Why can’t there be some balance ?

Why can’t there be some conscious effort?

If we could just stop wasting, many would get at least some amount of it. And there could be some relief to poor people and it may help to some extent in improving the poverty line.


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