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Listen, the silent… Vinisha

Do you realize that “listen and silent” have the same letters? But you know that’s an observation, a lot of people would have made in the world.

Now, what I want to put across is the "real essence" of the words.

We all listen well when we are silent. Also, we can say, we have to be silent to listen well.

Now, this listening is not of the words but it’s about your own voice. You have to be silent from inside for some time when you feel you are offtrack and things are appearing to be intolerable.

People and circumstances might not let you be silent from inside, they might provide you with reasons to have infinite thoughts running. However, that’s when we need to listen to ourselves even more. Thus, start walking towards the path of BE SILENT (aka, look within and not outside) to listen to yourselves then.

And then, the storm inside will take a bow.

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