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Life and its gifts by Isha Makan

June, 11th 2020

How important this day was in the previous year!

So many mixed feelings jumping up and down within me. Yes! It was all going to end. They say time flies! It did but left me with an abundance of pain and agony. The one question which was always with me like my shadow was WHY ME?

However, the question still remains unanswered.

Life is good. Everything is in place but am I out of it completely? Had been a part of many farewells - Schools, college, jobs but this one was out of the world. It was a goodbye to the hospital I was associated with for almost 8 months. You must be wondering, what's the big deal? But when you are on the other side of the road, it is a deal big enough.

It was the end of all the negativities, it was the end of my Chemotherapy Sessions. I was finally dis-ease-free. The follow-up treatment was still on the calendar but the major part was over. I was a Survivor, A PROUD SURVIVOR.

I remember when it all started at the end of 2018. I almost lost myself in the news. It was a shock for all my near and dear ones. Luckily, I have a huge list of people who fall in the mentioned category.

It is a trend to be in a nuclear family, the coolest trend these days. We are self-sufficient and we don't see any point living with and taking care of our elders but never trusting the age, rather never trusting life. It is certainly not a bed of roses and as said, situations change. Thankfully, I am in a joint family, have always been. I wonder how people living independently manage such not-so-wanted gifts from life.

It worked both ways. Their presence made me strong and my strength gave them the positivity that it shall pass soon.

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