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Issued in public interest- Vinisha Markan

The caption/Title needs no request for attention.

Anyway, since I have your attention, I wanted to take you through a #reality check.

Do you remember there was a sudden trend of walkathons, and marathons being encouraged by organizations? Of course, there were/are #social causes behind all these walks and marathons and I truly respect that. However, it has completely diminished. I haven’t heard any friend of mine working in an organization, talking about one anymore. Yes, #marathons and #walkathons still exist however the narrative that we saw a few years back has changed. The level of interest from organizations toward encouraging #employees to take an active part in walkathons and marathons has declined tremendously. Well, this was just an iota of what I am about to talk about.

Ok, let's also assume that one day of marathon/walkathon won’t really do much good on an employee’s health per se. But, have we realized that the offices, and #institutions that hire employees have never encouraged the employees to issue a #mandate for their health? Has anyone ever heard that an organization has made it a compulsive #order to work out yoga/aerobics/gym/walk etc.) for a stipulated time every day?

Does it sound #strange to you?

Do you think this is too much to ask for from an organization where the latest trend of working hours is almost 24*7? Believe me, to scale the productivity of an organization, focusing on the #physical and #mental well-being of an employee plays a vital role.

In times when there are erratic #working hours, and strict deadlines (sometimes unachievable) to meet, an employee (an MD or a floor executive) goes through an unimaginable volume of #stress and #anxiety. Has the organization ever bothered about thinking how is the mental/emotional health of that person? Have they ever considered bringing in an in-house counselling/therapy sessions for the employees just to help them feel better? So, to say, even once a month would be a good start, won’t it?

It is high time that the #Human resources departments deployed in every sector across the industries think about bringing up and encouraging the employees to work towards their physical and emotional well-being without any #judgments.

It might just feel that this is all a piece of crap that I have written, however just read it and think about the same once with an open mind. I can assure you, your thoughts are going to change and you might start thinking about how can we make this doable!

Let’s be the #change, let’s make the #world a better place!

P.C Pinterest


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