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Inner vs Outer beauty by Shreeti Bhargava

Inner vs outer beauty is always something people get confused about.

They are two different things but lot of people don’t understand the basic difference. Outer beauty can fade away any time but inner beauty lasts forever.

When you see someone and find them beautiful, you fall for the outer beauty. But it can be a possibility that same person isn’t beautiful from inside. And sometimes a person might not be beautiful but is beautiful from inside. Most of the people go for outer beauty but very few see the inner beauty of a person.

As the proverb in Hindi goes that see the inner beauty don’t see outer beauty , it is very true. A person with a beautiful heart will always be around but someone with an ugly heart won’t be around for long. The beauty of your heart starts showing on your face.

A beautiful heart makes you a beautiful person even if you are beautiful on the outside. An ugly heart can make you ugly even though you are beautiful outside.

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