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Ignorance: NO MORE A BLISS by Nilshree Damani Yelulkar

Ignorance: No More A bliss

With so much #evolution happening in #technology every passing second, there is a flood of information. Name the domain, and you have the history, geography, biography everything about the topic - handy with a click!

That is the technology for you, my friends!

So when there is advancement in #internet speed, let us key our brains a little too! Which field we are in, not referring to any one field here, but a couple of more that interest us, let us pledge to seek advancement and updates happening in those domains as a part of our routine and daily ritual. There are so many mediums, audio video - text! Choose whatever suits you. Sitting idle, choose to read or watch a video. Driving or working on something, audio information would be feasible. No information is wrong or harmful.

Make sure you are using trusted sources to follow.

There will always be something you would not know, hence be wise and choose to know most about the topics that interest you. So that if the need arises, you have something to say rather than getting mocked or ridiculed! With all this happening, do not rack your brain with information all the time. Give it some time to relax and fresh air to relieve!

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