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A New Beginning.... by Mr Subodh Jain, Children's Day Special Feature

A new beginning: just like a child is our future, indulging and ensuring kids to plant at least one tree sapling on each Children's Day ( in memory of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru's birth Aniv.).

Buy any plant sapling, maybe even any fruit plant-like; guava, mango, Jamun, or even neem, reetha, or any other plant.

Take your son/ daughter along in any park, open field nearby, or anywhere that seems suitable to plant, but close to your residence. Ask your child to get at least 1/2 litre normal water in any bottle, one small shovel ( khurpa or alike to dig the soil), arrange some cow dung manure around 1 kg. (by weight)

Go with your child to the place where it has to be planted, select a place, ask him to use a shovel to dig a small 1ft. (Round pit, around 10" deep), take out the soil, add half of the cow dung manure in the pit, plant the sapling cover with remaining cow dung manure.

And, tell him to make a boundary all around the pit with the extra soil. All water gradually so that it is full of water.

Tell your child to ensure that he/ she waters it daily during summers. In winters maybe twice a week is enough.

This will be the best gift that you n your child can imagine for their own safe future. Imagine if there is a min. 10 cr. children in India, n all do the same, they will add 10 cr. plants every year. Imagine that these plants will become big trees in 5 years and the benefits would be colossal.

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