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Chatori Chatka Murmura by Vinisha Gupta Markan

With the festivity all around , we would need endless recipes for snacks .
Now, we just thought of sharing one amazing snack recipe which is atrociously delicious and super light on the stomach too. So, enjoy it yourself and serve it to your loved ones, guilt free.


· 250 gms Murmura
· 1 finely chopped tomato (small)
· 1 finely chopped onion (small)
· 1 finely chopped cucumber (small)
· 1 tea spoon chopped coriander
· 1 table spoon Chaat/Dahi Masala
· 1 tea spoon red chilli powder
· 1 chopped green chilli (small size)
· 50 gms roasted peanut
· Lemon juice (2 medium sized lemons)


· Roast the Murmura. Add a pinch of turmeric while roasting.
· Now transfer it in a medium sized bowl.
· Add tomato, onion, cucumber, green chilli, coriander along with Chaat masala and chilli powder.
· Now, add the peanuts and lemon juice.

Cover the bowl and toss it nicely.

Chatori Chatka Murmura is ready to be served.

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